CloudSMS HTTP API Specification Documentation

HTTP API to submit messages to CloudSMS
QQQQQQQQQ&sender=RRRR&m message=SSSSSSSS<&url=KKKK>

Parameters are explained below, please note that all the parameters (especially
url) should be URL-UTF-8 encoded

userid: Your Developer UserID, can be gotten from Developer section of your CloudSMS account
password: Password of your CloudSMS Account
type: Indicates the type of message.
Values for "type":-
0: Plain Text (GSM 3.38 Character encoding)
1: Flash Message (GSM 3.38 Character encoding)
2: Unicode
3: Reserved
4: WAP Push
5: Plain Text (ISO-8859-1 Character encoding)
6: Unicode Flash
7: Flash Message (ISO-8859-1 Character encoding)
destination: Mobile Number to which to Send message to (
must strictly be in the 234XXXXXXXXXX format
sender: The sender name/number
Max Length of 18 if Only Numeric
Max Length of 11 if Alpha numeric
If you wish plus ('+') should be prefixed
the cell phone, please prefix the plus sign to your (note the plus sign should be URL encoded). Additional restrict enforced by the SMSC.

message: The message to send (Can be used for 'long' messages, that is, messages
160 characters for plain text, 140 for flash and 280 for
messages we will be counting as one
characters for Unicode, as the rest of the characters will be used by the system for packing
extra information for re-assembling the message on the cell phone.
In case of WAP Push (type = 4), this is the text that would appear in t
latter case, to send non-English characters in the
encode them (using UTF-8 character
url: If sending a WAP Push message (type=4), this holds the link that you wish to
other type of message, no value needs to be supplied for this
Just like “message” field, this field should
(even for sending non- ASCII domain names).

Error Codes:
101 : Success, message successfully submitted to CloudSMS gateway
receive the response 101
102: Invalid URL, One of the required URL was not provided, Message will be sent though, if
the destination and message field is present.
103: Invalid Userid or password, Either your userid Is incorrect or you don’t have a cloudsms
account yet, visit to open your account if you don’t have one.
104: Invalid value in “type” field
will get response like 104|101,
105: Invalid message,
106: Invalid Destination
107: Invalid Sender(source)
109:Insufficient sms unit, the message will not be sent, you will need to
110: Compulsory Field not Provided, Message not sent because either one of message,
destination,sender, field wasn’t provided.
111: Internal Error

For more information on the HTTP API  Please download the specification documentation